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Welcome to Pirate Husky, a dog sledding farm in Porsanger, Finnmark of Northern Norway. With our 30 dogs, you can experience the wild and untouched nature while steering your own dog team on a trip you will never forget.

Our kennel is the home of a pack of Siberian Huskies. The Siberian is the oldest of the polar dog breeds, and even though the names suggest they come from Sibir, the northern parts of Russia, they originally where from Alaska. In the first dog races, Siberian Huskies was the fastest of the polar dogs, and they got popular fast. In addition to being good sledding dogs, they turned out to be perfect family dogs as well, and the popularity has grown ever since. Today there are also a lot of people racing with Siberian Huskies, included us, but most people now use the mix Alaska Husky, that is a bit faster.

The name “Pirate Husky”, comes from our lead dog, Lulu, that has only one eye. The other one, she lost to surgery in February 2018, but she sure is happy with the decision, as the eye was bothering her. She works perfectly with only one eye and is the star of the pack.

About us

Pirate Husky is owned and managed by Mali & Gøran Andersen. Mali is the musher and have been doing dog sledding since 2007. She has also been working with tourism since then, educated in marketing and management of tourism experiences. Mostly she has been working in customer service and sales, but lately also product management and marketing. As a guide, she has experience from Mountainking Dogsledding Kennel in Trysil, and Svalbard husky, and also have the Svalbard Guide Training. In addition to her interest in dogs and nature, she also loves learning about history and culture.

Gøran is the local one, he grew up here, and turned every rock and climbed every tree, by feet, skis, snowmobile and bike, enjoying the amazing nature of Finnmark and Porsanger area. He is educated in the Norwegian army, as well as agriculture. To learn before starting his own tourism business, he moved to Svalbard for 5 years, next to the North Pole. There he got experienced in guiding and was in charge of all the technical equipment for the guide team. He also did the Svalbard Guide Training, lately as an instructor, and also volunteered for the Red Cross, where he spent 2 years as Operation Leader.

Now they are both eager to welcome you to Porsanger and Pirate Husky.

Maj Kirsten is our guide at Pirate Husky. She is from Karasjok, has a bachelor in Arctic Nature Guiding. Maj Kirsten started working with us during her bachelor degree, and is now working permanently as a guide! She is great with both our guest and the dogs, and ready to take you out on an arctic experience wen you come to visit!


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