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Welcome to Pirate Husky, a dog sledding farm in Porsanger, Finnmark of Northern Norway. With our 30 dogs, you can experience the wild and untouched nature while steering your own dog team on a trip you will never forget.

Our kennel is the home of a pack of Siberian Huskies. The Siberian is the oldest of the polar dog breeds, and even though the names suggest they come from Sibir, the northern parts of Russia, they originally where from Alaska. In the first dog races, Siberian Huskies was the fastest of the polar dogs, and they got popular fast. In addition to being good sledding dogs, they turned out to be perfect family dogs as well, and the popularity has grown ever since. Today there are also a lot of people racing with Siberian Huskies, included us, but most people now use the mix Alaska Husky, that is a bit faster.

The name “Pirate Husky”, comes from our lead dog, Lulu, that has only one eye. The other one, she lost to surgery in February 2018, but she sure is happy with the decision, as the eye was bothering her. She works perfectly with only one eye and is the star of the pack.

About us

Pirate Husky is owned and managed by Mali & Gøran Andersen. Mali is the musher and have been doing dog sledding since 2007. She has also been working with tourism since then, educated in marketing and management of tourism experiences. Mostly she has been working in customer service and sales, but lately also product management and marketing. As a guide, she has experience from Mountainking Dogsledding Kennel in Trysil, and Svalbard husky, and also have the Svalbard Guide Training. In addition to her interest in dogs and nature, she also loves learning about history and culture.

Gøran is the local one, he grew up here, and turned every rock and climbed every tree, by feet, skis, snowmobile and bike, enjoying the amazing nature of Finnmark and Porsanger area. He is educated in the Norwegian army, as well as agriculture. To learn before starting his own tourism business, he moved to Svalbard for 5 years, next to the North Pole. There he got experienced in guiding and was in charge of all the technical equipment for the guide team. He also did the Svalbard Guide Training, lately as an instructor, and also volunteered for the Red Cross, where he spent 2 years as Operation Leader.

Now they are both eager to welcome you to Porsanger and Pirate Husky.

Maj Kirsten is our guide at Pirate Husky. She is from Karasjok, has a bachelor in Arctic Nature Guiding. Maj Kirsten started working with us during her bachelor degree, and is now working permanently as a guide! She is great with both our guest and the dogs, and ready to take you out on an arctic experience wen you come to visit!


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čahkki 18.11.2020

čahkki is Máddins doughter, and is a bomb shell of energy! Fantastic girl with a lot of mood, taking of in all directions when going out with the dog team. She is also an expert in escaping from the dog yard, and therefor lives toghether with čeaskat, where there is a roof both inside and out. She is Nele's dog.

čeaskat 05.04.2019

čeaskat might be small, but there is a lot of dog in that small body. She is also from Hamar and Vikerkollen Kennel, and is our excpert in breaking away from the kennel, and we have roof on our dog yard because of her. She is really hard working on the team, and a command lead dog. With her loads of energy, she always gives a 100%. We are hoping to breed her sometime soon.

Duottar 19.09.2021

Duottar is a small and curious missy, we see so much of her mother Arya in her, and we call her "mini-Arya". We can't wait to see if she is as good a hardworking sleddog as her mum, and as kind and happy as her dad Mietha.

Gabba 31.08.2019

Gabba is the doughter of Vanilla and Koda, and is an amazing kind and cuddely missy. She is also a good lead dog, as long as she does not see anyone she wants to recieve some cuddles from. She has had one puppie littre, and two of her sons lives here with us.

Gáisá  27.05.2017

Gáisá is originally from Sweden, from Finnemarka Kennel, and moved to Svalbard to come live with us in 2017. She grew up with Gulliver, and for a good while, they were unseperable best friends, always playing around. She has become one of our best lead dog, a calm and kind girl. She has had two puppie littres, and we are hoping for one more to come. Is cold eyes, warm hart.

Lávlla 23.03.2022

Calmer than her sister, but just as fond of cuddles and attention. She is named after her brother "Lávllu" that lived with us for year and a half, we actually traded back him, for this little cutie. Really happy with our trad so far.

Lulli 23.03.2022

You can hear Lulli before you see her. And what you hear is a cry for more, more attention, more cuddles, and more food, even if she has plenty of all. She is from Trysil, hens the name "south", and siblings with Lávlla, Siellu and also Árktalas, just from another littre. There is a lot of good lead dogs in their ancestors, we have good faith they will be too.

Lulu (Beluga) 08.09.2015

Lulu is the very first Pirate, and the background for our name Pirate Husky. She lost her sick eye at 2 years old, and is doing excellent without it. She is a command lead dog on the team, and boss in the kennel. Calm, kind and cuddely.

Máddin 14.10.2018

Máddin is as the name says, from the south. That is from Vikerkollen Kennel in Hamar, and she was a house warming gift to me, from me, when moving from Svalbard to Finnmark. She is a diva, and a princess, but an amazing sled dog and command leader. Kind, calm and cuddely. She has had one puppy littre, and three of her kids lives here with us.

Nirpi 10.11.2021

árktalaš 31.12.2020

When we got the boys from Trysil from Arctic Song's Kennel, we had to name one of them "arctic". He is noisy, but runs like the wind, effordless and as he has never done anything else his whole life. And if you scratch him behind his ears, you have a friend for life.

Charlie 31.08.2019

Charlie is also Ruth's dog, and he is all about the fun. He is a really good sled dog, can og anywhere on the dog team, good lead dog and hoping to train him as a command leader. A lot of energy, and always happy.

Daŋas 16.10.2018

From the "Pirate-litter", we have Daŋas, only beaten by his mother and brother when it comes to being the calmest dogs in the pack. He is a big "allarounder", that can run in all positions on the team, hard worker, friendly and very cuddely.

Davvin 18.11.2020

Named after his mum from the south, Màddin, Davvin got his name because it means "from the north". He is calmer than his siblings, but still a boy with energy. Playfull, joyfull, and loves a good belly rub.

Doalli 16.10.2018

The king himself, or at least, the king in the kennel. Doalli is a calm guy, as long as no one tries to mess with him. He loves relaxing on the ceiling of his house, and watching over the pack. He can run anywhere on the dog team, and with his size and strength you will notice him on the team. He also loves people, kids, and cuddles.


Not at all a husky. Gulliver loves to come along, but would prefere not having to do the work. If he could, he would sit on the sled with us instead. A loving, friendly family dog, that Ruth is training for obedience and freestyle.

Gumpe 10.11.2021

Gumpe, or "wolf", is named after his father Návdi, and is Ronja's first dog. He is curious and social, and we are hoping he will be as an amazing dog as his father is with time. He is very much like his father was, both inside and out.

Jøkul 30.05.2018

Jøkul is born and raised in Svalbard, and is from Polarpoten Kennel. He is a good guy, and a skilled sled dog. Not a fighter, but will set the young dogs in place if they mess around. A teddybear, moved here summer 2021, not really used to trees yet after spending his first 3 years in Longyearbyen.

Miehta 22.06.2020

The kennel charmur is little Mietha. He is from kennel Huskyville, and is named after his mother "Honning" (honey). And the name fits, he is defently sweet as honey! If you come here to meet Mietha, expect getting your clothes covered in dog hairs, 'cus he want's to be close, and will rub up to you for cuddles. Mietha is a lead dog, and it looks like he will be a good command leader with time. He has had a puppy littre, and his doughter Duoattar lives here with us.

Návdi 20.03.2019

Our little wolf is actually named "Bark", and comes from Vikerkollen Kennel in Hamar. He is our best command leader amongst the boys, and an amazing sled dog. He would love to keep running, and not go home after a sled run. He has two puppie litters, and if he keeps shining, it might be more.

Pus 21.03.2019

Pus (Cat) got his name from Linus, when Linus was only 2 years old, and ask to name the dog. He is originally from Vikerkollen Kennel, but grew up in Svalbard, before he moved to Børselv summer 2021. He is a bit shy with strangers, but as a kittycat for the once he knows. Good sled dog, and can go anywhere in the dog team.

Sarvvis 10.11.2021

Sarvvis is calmer then his brother, but still good, social and eager, and just looooooves food.

šiega 18.11.2020

šiega is Ruth's dog, and his name is "kind", as she thought it about time to get a dog not as crazy as her other dogs. It did not work, he would better be "hyperactive". He is full of energy, always in a good mood, and gives 100% prosent from we start out with the dog team, and as far as he can go. A beloved clown in the kennel.

Siellu 23.03.2022

Not at all a husky. Gulliver loves to come along, but would prefere not having to do the work. If he could, he would sit on the sled with us instead. A loving, friendly family dog, that Ruth is training for obedience and freestyle.

Snjor 03.12.2014

A lot of confidence in a small rapping, that is our handsome Snjor. He is used to getting his will, is a really tough guy, but loves people and attention, a great command leader and sled dog. Do not get fooled by his small size, there is a lot of dog in there. He is from Arctic Song's Kennel, born in Trysil when we still lived there, by Svelvik and to Svalbard, before Finnmark. He is now Ruth's dog, they became best friends when they first met, Ruth was 5 years old and moved in to his dog house.

Splitt 03.12.2014

Splitt is Snjor's brother, and even better command leader, he can also go single lead. A bit more shy than his brother, and sometimes thinks it's too many people visiting. Luckly it passes quilcly when we find the harness, he always want's to go for a run. He is a charming boy.

Vieljaš 31.08.2019

Vieljaš is mamas good boy! He is such a good heart dog, he loves cuddles, and loves working on the dog team. He can also go in front, and with his big size, we defently know when he is on the team. We tried mating him, but he does not seem to get how that works.. We really belive in this "littlebrother", who for mum is a through copy of his dad, Koda.

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